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Next to each form, you will notice either PDF or E-Form. E-Forms are completed entirely online, requiring no physical signatures. PDFs still require signatures as needed per form. If you need accommodations to complete any of the forms below, please contact for assistance.

Academic Appeals Process and Petition (PDF)

Appeal to the University Academic Appeals Committee to allow a student put on suspension to return to classes. Requires NON-medical extenuating circumstances. Appeals for medical reasons should be submitted to Schiffert Health Center. Appeals for mental health should be submitted to Cook Counseling.

Appeal Materials Due Phone Conferences Required
Thursday, January 5, 2023 By 5:00 PM                                                  To be eligible, students need to make an appointment with Dr. Kimberly Smith, Dean by January 10, 2023, see below for instructions on scheduling phone conference and submitting materials.
Please note: All materials should be submitted to Amy Ingram (

Students should call 540-231-6333 to schedule the required phone conference.

Academic Success Agreement (E-Form)
Agreement between student and advisor to improve academic performance.

Academic Warning Assessment Form (E-Form)
Form to be completed by students who earn a term GPA below 2.0 while maintaining an overall GPA of 2.0 or above.

Authorization for Release of Academic Information (FERPA) (E-Form)
Allows your advisors and other authorized university officials to discuss information in your academic records with persons you specify. Access to form is through Hokie Spa > FERPA.

Authorization to Take Courses at Another Institution (E-Form)
Requests permission to take courses at another institution and receive credit for an equivalent course at VT.

Education Abroad: Authorization to take courses elsewhere (PDF)
Requests permission to take classes abroad and receive transfer credit at VT.

Final Exam Change Request (email Zack Underwood, for the form)
Requests a change in the time of a final exam that is NOT a common-time exam. Requires having either 3 or more exams scheduled to begin within 24 hours, or 2 or more exams with times that conflict. Requires emails from instructors confirming time change. Deadlines indicated on Academic Calendar.

Overhours Request (E-Form)
Requests permission to take more than 19 credit hours.

Petition to Drop a Course after the deadline (E-Form)
Requests permission for a late drop (extraordinary circumstances are required for this request to be granted).


Students wishing to resign or withdraw from all classes in a term will complete this form. The term withdraw is used when this request is submitted by the first day of classes; after the first day of classes this process is called a resignation.

Undergraduate Research/Independent Study (E-Form)

Request approval for UG Research and Independent Study courses.

"W" Grade Policy (E-Form)
Requests a status of Withdrawn (W) for a particular class in place of a grade. Can be applied to 3 courses, regardless of credit hours.

Other Forms

Forms for requesting Generated ID numbers, Certifications, in-state residency, and academic transcripts are available from the Registrar.