Student Stories: Leina



What are your major/majors & minors?

My Major is Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise with a science focus.

When entering Virginia Tech, what majors/themes were you considering?

When I was entering Virginia Tech, I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to do and really only had an inkling that I wanted to do something in the health field. All I knew was that I wanted to help people.

How did you explore majors at Virginia Tech?

I initially took the University Studies Pathways to Success class which really helped me get out of my shell and explore what Virginia Tech has to offer. The class allowed me to thrive as a freshman and to take the necessary steps towards finding my major. One thing in particular that helped with my decision was to go to the Majors Fair and talk to every single booth available--giving me a very good look at the majors I was then considering.

When did you declare your major? (end of freshmen year, sophomore year, etc.)

I declared my major second semester sophomore year.

Why do you love Virginia Tech?

I love Virginia Tech because of the community that is unlike any other. Virginia Tech's community is open, caring, welcoming, and like-minded--all while serving under Ut Prosim. Our students may come because of the academics or sports but they stay because of the community. 

Briefly describe your favorite moment at Virginia Tech

My favorite moments have all occurred this year as a Junior and being able to go out and do dumb things like discovering Cookout Rounds (try them; you will not be dissapointed), going way too hard at WII Sports and crushing my friends, watching old movies with friends after a long week, and just overall seeing how much love I have surrounding me here at Virginia Tech. The connections I have made here I know will keep for the rest of my life and I am so fortunate that this is my home.