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What is Academic Warning?

Students at Virginia Tech are expected to maintain their grades in good academic standing. Good academic standing is defined by a student whose cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is at or above 2.0. If a student falls below a 2.0 they may be placed in one of several categories each with their own requirements and expectations. The Virginia Tech Academic eligibility policies may be found here.    

A student whose GPA drops below a 2.0 in an individual semester but remains above 2.0 cumulative GPA will be placed on Academic Warning. The student will receive a notification that they are under academic warning but there will be no notation in their records or restrictions placed on the student.

It is highly recommended that a student under Academic Warning reach out to their primary advisor and complete the Academic Warning Assessment to discuss the causes of their poor performance and plan for the following semester. It is also recommended that students reach out to different University resources that can help them to succeed: Student Success Center, The Writing Center, Career and Professional Development