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Tips and Strategies for Success

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We want you to succeed and no person is an island 
  • It is recommended that students spend around two hours studying for every hour they are in class per week.
  • Set SMART goals for yourself for your academics and personal growth.
  • Calculate your potential semester and cumulative GPA using the GPA calculator on HokieSpa. Find out what you need to make to reach a 2.0 cumulative GPA and make a plan to reach it.
  • Time management strategies can be different based on each student's unique preferences. You can look here for different time management strategies:  Cook Counseling, Student Success Center.
  • Students should pay attention to the locations and travel times between classes to make sure they schedule enough time to get to their classes.
  • Remember, do not procrastinate. Class work builds on each other and once you fall behind it is much harder to catch back up.
  • Be sure to allot time for yourself. Burnout is real and when your motivation to succeed is gone your GPA will drop. 
  • Your advisor is your advocate at Virginia Tech. Meet with them at least once a semester and make sure they are aware of your goals and any problems you may be having.
  • Attend office hours and group help sessions. These times are meant for you, use them. 
  • VT has many resources that can be useful to students. Academic resources include Student Success Center, The Writing Center, Career and Professional Development, Professor’s office hours, meet with your advisors. Health resources include Cook Counseling, Schiffert Health Center, Dean of Students.