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What is Academic Suspension?

Any student not achieving a 2.0 cumulative GPA and below a 2.5 semester or term GPA after a semester on probation will be academically suspended. They will receive an email from University Studies describing their academic status and when they can return.

A student who is placed on First Academic Suspension will not be able to return for the following Fall/Spring semester. After this 1 semester hiatus they will be able to return to the university on second academic probation. Students are not eligible to receive credit for course work taken at another college or university while they are on suspension. Students on suspension are not allowed to take the next summer or winter semester that follows their suspension.

  1. During the student's suspension it is recommended that the student reflect on the issues that they had and what they can do to improve once they return to the university.
  2. It is highly recommended that a student on Academic suspension reach out to their primary advisor to discuss the causes of their poor performance and plan for the following semester.
  3. Cook Counseling Center and the Student Success Center offers help on time management strategies.
  4. Hokie Wellness offers help on the numerous health and wellness strategies.
  5. Students planning to return to the university may find the resources on the Student academic advising site useful to help reintegrate themselves into the university.
  6. Student Success Center is a great resource for getting back on track.


What is Second Academic Suspension?

It is the same as first suspension except the student will not be able to attend the university for the following academic year. Students on second academic suspension are not allowed to take summer or winter courses during the duration of their suspension.

What is Final Academic Suspension?

A student who fails to meet the returning performance requirement after a second suspension is placed on Final Suspension.  Students placed on Final Suspension will be dismissed from the university and not allowed to return.