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UNIV 1824: Pathways to Success

University Studies believes starting you on the right path during your first year is crucial to your academic and personal success at Virginia Tech.

Therefore, we’ve created the Pathways to Success 3 credit hour course which is designed to facilitate your academic success and provide a smooth transition to college. The course is taught by your academic advisor and at least one undergraduate peer mentor.

UNIV 1824 also counts towards Pathways to General Education and counts in Concept 3: Reasoning in the Social Sciences. This means that students who take this course are working towards graduation requirements and learning about how to be successful at Virginia Tech.

What do students say about this course?

The following are quotes from University Studies students who took UNIV 1824:

"This was one of my favorite classes this semester because [the instructor] genuinely cares about the success of each of her students and created an environment that made learning fun. The information we learned helped me a lot in figuring out my major."

"The class was half interactive and half lecture. I feel like it was a good mix. [The instructor] taught a lesson and then had us do an activity involving that lesson. That really made them stick with me."

"I really enjoyed the course and felt that it really helped me find a major and adjust to college"

"[The instructor] was super nice and very approachable. She was always willing to help me and meet with me and always made sure I fully understood things when I asked questions. She made me feel comfortable and welcome. As a freshman it was really nice to have someone that had such good advice and wanted us to do well."