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HUB Scholarship Mentoring

What is the HUB?

The Hub is an outreach service for students receiving certain scholarships at Virginia Tech. Each HUB student or mentee is assigned a HUB Mentor from the office of University Studies and Scholarship Support. HUB Mentors are not a student's academic advisor, but part of their success team.

We are currently the second largest scholarship mentoring program at Virginia Tech. Each HUB mentee is receiving an annually renewable scholarship and our mentors are helping students to meet scholarship requirements. Each scholarship can have different requirements and students work with mentors to determine these requirements. Students are automatically assigned to HUB Scholarship Mentoring if they are receiving certain scholarships from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. This program is collaboration between Enrollment Management, the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, and Undergraduate Education at Virginia Tech. 

What are requirements of HUB?

Students must meet their certain requirements in order to renew their scholarship yearly. Students have the entire academic year (fall, winter (optional), and spring) to meet these requirements and can learn more by meeting with their HUB Mentor. If a student does not meet the requirements for their scholarship they would be required to appeal to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to keep their scholarship for the next year. Appeals are not guaranteed and HUB Mentors can provide more information.

What are expectations of HUB?

Beyond meeting scholarship requirements, we expect HUB mentees to:

  • Meet with their HUB Mentor at least one time (either in-person or virtually) per semester
  • Complete 6 HUB Canvas Modules (3 per fall and 3 per spring)
  • Participate in HUB Programming

When are Mentors assigned?

HUB Mentors are assigned in August and students will receive an email from the Mentor closer to the start of the fall semester. Students remain with their mentor for the duration of the time at Virginia Tech.