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Reenrollment at Virginia Tech

Coming back to Virginia Tech

Once a Hokie, always a Hokie. Whatever led you to take a break, we can help you reenroll and get your Virginia Tech education back on track.

Returning to Virginia Tech?

General Reenrollment

If you’re a previously enrolled student who is eligible for return, who is not facing a suspension, and who has an overall 2.0 GPA or greater, you may register for classes via standard web Course Request.

Returning from a Suspension

If you are returning from academic or behavioral suspension, you may have to satisfy additional requirements.

Behavioral and Academic Suspension requirements may be at the discretion of the respective departments.

Veteran Reenrollment

If you are a veteran that wishes to reenroll at Virginia Tech please see the Veterans Services page. You may also contact Veterans Services by emailing or calling 540-231-5815.

7 Steps to Reenrollment

for students who are eligible to return

Step 1. Talk to your academic advisor

Begin your reenrollment process by contacting your academic advisor. If your academic advisor is not listed or they are no longer with the university, please email

Pay attention to the Virginia Tech academic calendar as you make your plans. Reenrolled students are still subject to all standard dd/drop/course request dates maintained by the University Registrar.

Step 2. Access your Virginia Tech account and email.

You’ll need access to Hokie SPA and your Virginia Tech email address to reenroll If you’re unable to access your student account due to expired, inactive, or forgotten credentials, then contact 4Help. Academic advisors within University Studies and Scholarship Support cannot help with account recovery.

Step 3. Remove administrative holds

 Check Hokie SPA to see if you have any administrative holds on your account. Holds can be placed on your account for a number of reasons by units such as Accounts Receivable, Parking Services, or your college. Some holds can prevent you from registering for courses; others may not. If you currently have active holds, contact the department that placed the hold to resolve it.

Step 4. Prepare for registration

Review the Prepare for Registration menu within the Add/Drop Registration section of Hokie SPA. This allows you to view any other requirements you must complete to register for courses, such as adding vaccination information or updating your permanent address or emergency contacts.

Hokie SPA    Registration (Add/Drop)    Prepare for Registration    Term

Step 5. File your FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for federal, state, and institutional aid at Virginia Tech. To qualify for loans or scholarships, you must file your FAFSA in advance for the correct academic year that you intend to reenter the university. 

Fall/Winter/Spring 2024-25

If you plan to register for the Fall 2024/Winter 2025/Spring 2025 semester, then you must file the 2024–25 FAFSA by March 1, 2024.

Summer 2024

If you plan to register for the Summer 2024 session, then you must have the 2023–24 FAFSA on file. The summer semesters belong to the previous academic year.

Financial aid status and offers may differ from when you were first admitted. You may contact University Scholarships and Financial Aid for any questions about award offers. Returning students also must be mindful of important financial aid deadlines:

  • General Scholarship Application: January 22
  • FAFSA Priority Deadline: March 1

Step 6. Run a degree audit

Determine your academic progress toward your intended degree by using the Degree Audit Report System (DARS) in Hokie SPA. Your degree audit will display your current progress towards your degree for you to discuss with your academic advisor. Review your Registrar Checksheet for your intended program to identify what required courses you still need to take.

Credit Transfer

If you intend on returning and have completed coursework at another college or university, you must submit your transfer transcripts. This will certify that you are in good standing at any previous institution.

Step 7. Find Housing

If you’re reenrolling at Virginia Tech’s Blacksburg campus, plan to find off-campus housing, since on-campus housing is limited to first-year students, Living-Learning Community members, and a select few older students. You may want to review the off-campus resources maintained by Student Engagement and Campus Life (SECL).

Academic Success

University Studies and Scholarship Support is committed to your academic success. We recommend that you register for UNIV 1004 College Success Strategies during your first semester back. This course focuses on the application of strategies, skills, attitudes, and behaviors leading to effective academic learning in a college setting.

Transitional Advising

Do you want to change your major?

For students that have been absent for less than two years:
Academic advisors in University Studies and Scholarship Support can help answer questions regarding changing your major. If you are considering reentering the university but want to make progress towards a different major, then you can schedule a Transitional Advising appointment. Transitional Advising offers students the opportunity to work with an advisor one-on-one through the exploration, planning, and implementation process.