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How Do I...Course Request?

How do I register for classes? What is "Course Request"?

Course Request is the one-week period each semester during which you are permitted to request courses for the next term. Please note that you request courses only during this period. For this semester's Course Request dates, please visit the University Academic Calendar for the current semester.

You register for classes online, via Hokie SPA. During Course Request, use the Course Request link. You will need to know the CRN for each class you wish to take, as this is the information you plug in to enroll in a course.

How does Course Request work?

When you participate in Course Request, you join every other student at the university who has also chosen to request courses. All such requests go into a big barrel -- not really, but you get the picture!

Do I improve my chances of getting the courses I need by making course request early in the period?

Once the Course Request period ends, they are granted in this order: senior honors, senior, junior honors, junior, and so on.So it doesn't matter if you are the FIRST person to use Course Request -- or the last! Preference is based on class rank, not on timing.

How soon will I find out which courses I got?

It will take about 3 weeks to get your Course Request results returned, so plan to be patient.