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New, unified process for changing your major starts August 1st

To continue to enhance advising and help students change a major, the university now will have three common change of major times every year, instead of varying deadlines by colleges and departments. In addition, the process will be online. When a change of major time opens up, students can request a new primary major through Hokie SPA. Each college will run its own process to determine if it can accept the student and will then notify the student of the decision.

The first common change of major session will open August 1st. Students who wish to change their major before August 1st will follow the cuurrent change of major dates outlined for their intended major/college.

The closing date for accepting change of major applications will depend on the preferred major's status. Applications for restricted majors will close August 14th. The current list of restricted majors and their specific requirements can be found on the University Registrar's website.

Applications for non-restricted majors will close September 2nd.

This process applies to students who wish to change their primary major. Requests fo radding secondary majors will still follow the current paper process.

Step-by-step instructions available here on how to apply for a new primary major.

Force-Add Procedures for Fall 2016 can be found under Student Resources.

Academic Deadlines: more information about procedures for completing academic requirements for University Studies students only.

Information sessions for majors and programs.

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