Pathways Planner Resources

Course Catalog - the official university catalog of majors and classes. Use this to research majors, minors, classes, and other information.

Timetable - the timetable provides a searchable listing of the current or upcoming classes offered at VT.

Historical Timetable - this database allows you to see if a class was taught in a given semester. For example, if you were wondering if CHEM 1035 would be taught next Spring you could look at past Spring semesters here and see that it has never been taught in the Spring, a sign to you that you should plan to take this class in the fall or summer.

 Guide to Majors - a site through VT’s Career Services that allows you to search and explore majors offered at VT.

Student Clubs and Organizations - a searchable database that allows to you to find clubs and organizations that fit with your interests and goals.

Major Exploration - not sure what to major in? Use these resources to explore the possibilities and be sure to consult with your academic advisor.

  1. Career Interests Exploration (Univ. of Missouri)- search for related majors based on your interests and skills
  2. What Can I do with this Major? - view PDFs outlining careers from a wide-variety of majors (check with your advisor regarding what majors compare to VT’s majors)
  3. Occupational Outlook Handbook - U.S. Department of Labor database that covers 100s of occupations and allows you to research many aspects of these fields.

Be sure you contact your Academic Advisor with any questions and to share your Pathways Planner with them.