Majors, Minors, Careers

I have no clue what I want. What should I do?

The major I want is restricted. What does that mean?

Restricted majors require you to meet specific requirements before applying.  These requirements may include taking specific courses, achieving a specific minimum grade point average, completing an application, appearing for an interview, attending a group meeting, or applying to transfer to the major during a specific time period.  Make sure to discuss your intended major with your advisor; it is your responsibility to know if the major you intend is restricted.

Meeting the minimum requirements for application DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the major: some majors also have limits on the number of transfers they can accept, so only the applicants with the best qualifications are accepted (best performance in major-related courses, best overall GPAs, etc.). Acceptance into these majors is very competitive.

See your academic advisor for more assistance.

I have decided on my major. How do I change into it?

Virginia Tech has 3 common change of major times every year, with an online process through Hokie SPA. When a change of major time opens up, you may request a new primary major through through the "Change of Major Application" link. Each college will run its own process to determine if it you will be accepted and will then notify you of the decision. Step-by-step instructions available here on how to apply for a new major.

But I want to study another area as well. What is a minor?

Definition of a minor.

For more information, go to the department offering the minor. The second table on this page shows when colleges are processing secondary majors, minors, and/or concentrations.

Note: Minors are not required for degree completion at Virginia Tech.

I am unhappy in my current major. What are my options?

University Studies offers transitional advising assistance to undergraduate students who are not in University Studies.  If one or more of these statements describe you, click here for instructions for making an appointment.

  • you did not get accepted to a restricted major
  • your interests have changed and you are no longer interested in the major in which you are currently enrolled
  • your major and/or occupational choice is unclear and you need help in clarifying and deciding on options
  • you are not meeting academic requirements for your current major