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XT: Explore Technology

Are you interested in working with computers or other technology tools? Learning about interpreting and analyzing data but unsure of a major? Then XT would be a great fit for you.


XT allows students to explore majors that are related to technology and adds technological skills to other existing majors. All students in XT will take the Exploring Technology Pathways to Success course. This course will allow you to explore different majors that fit your skills and interests while preparing you for success at Virginia Tech. The course is part of the First Year Experience program and, best of all, will be taught by your academic advisor.

In addition to the XT FYE course, you will take courses in programming, data analysis, and technological applications. These will allow you to explore different aspects of technology in different majors and improve your skills as you get ready for the 21st century workforce.

Research has shown that graduates with a liberal arts degree, coupled with advanced skills in computer programming and data analysis and management, will be eligible for 20-percent more jobs and a salary premium of more than $10,000.

A new profession has emerged in recent years, the “data scientist,” which combines the skills of a statistician, software programmer, infographics designer, and storyteller.  Instead of squinting into a microscope to unlock a mystery of the universe, the data scientist peers into databases to make a discovery.
      - Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier, Big Data

This describes the reason VT created the XT major, combining computational foundations, data analytics and creative application to change how we integrate technology into many different majors.  Now it’s time to discover yours!