Transitional Students


 University Studies offers transitional advising assistance to undergraduate students who are not in University Studies. If one or more of these statements describe you, see below for instructions for making an appointment.

  • you did not get accepted to a restricted major
  • your interests have changed and you are no longer interested in the major in which you are currently enrolled
  • your major and/or occupational choice is unclear and you need help in clarifying and deciding on options
  • you are not meeting academic requirements for your current major

How do I make an appointment with the Transitional Advisor?

  • Join the University Studies Transitional Advising Canvas site:

  • Click maroon button that says 'Enroll in Course' (top right)
  • Click maroon button that says 'Go to Course' (top right)
  • Access the site and click 'Get Advising' (review detailed directions first, if needed)