Pathways to Success: Exploring Your Future (UNIV 1824)

Pathways to SuccessUniversity Studies believes starting you on the right path during your first year is crucial to your academic and personal success at Virginia Tech.

Therefore, we’ve created the Pathways to Success course which is designed to facilitate your academic success and provide a smooth transition to college.  The course is taught by your academic advisor and an undergraduate peer mentor.

In my opinion, every incoming freshman, especially in university studies major, must take [this] class. This class helped me to decide my major as well as provided lots of assistance and guidance in transition from high school to college. Overall, this class helped me to prepare for my future college semester.” Aditya B.

Pathways to Success is a first-year experience course for University Studies majors. It is designed to establish fundamental knowledge and skills that facilitate success not only during college, but also for the rest of your life, including

  • Academic/success skills
  • Major and career exploration
  • Research and Communication Skills
  • Familiarization with campus resources available to students
  • Various activities that incorporate problem solving, inquiry, and integration of knowledge.

For more information about P2S, click here. See what some of our students say about the course.

This course is only taught fall semester and is open only to first-year University Studies students.  For more information about the course, please contact Dr. Herbert “Bruce” Bruce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or talk to your University Studies academic advisor.